Our Product

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SMA-logo small SMA Industries Sdn Bhd core produce are alloy aluminum ingot and semi-finished related products, we also specialize in producing made-to-order high grade aluminum alloy with our standard operating procedure as below chart:

SMA Industries Sdn Bhd - Processing



SMA-logo smallSMA Industries Sdn Bhd Alloy Aluminum Ingot’s outlook

SMA-aluminum ingot



Quality Control

SMA-logo small SMA Industries Sdn Bhd is very concerning about the product quality, therefore we had invested a lab with equipment:

  1. Spectrolab for Routine Analysis – custom made with Germany Technology;
  2. Computerized hydraulic Aluminum Testing machine;

Our Quality Control team will analyze and inspect our alloy aluminum ingot to ensure the product is meet the required specification before deliver to the customer.

SMA-quality control