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SMA-logo small SMA Industries Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1997 with excellent and untarnished reputation with at least 25 years of experience in manufacturing of special high-graded aluminium alloy. We have exported our products to Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries in South East Asia.

Our company utilize specialized technology imported from Taiwan such as refining and professionally responsible for production of aluminium ingots as below:
Quality Control:

– Professional High Precision German instruments
– Computerized Analysis Equipment
– Highly professional control of high-quality aluminium ingot products.

Our management philosophy is quality guaranteed products throughout the years since 1997.



  • 特备德国精密仪器设备
  • 电脑化分析设备
  • 专业铝材品控管理
  • 专业熔炼炉以先进技术处理



  SMA-logo smallSMA Industries Sdn Bhd core produce are alloy aluminum ingot and semi-finished related products, we also specialize in producing made-to-order high grade aluminum alloy.


The quality of our service and products are virtually guaranteed.

We were certified by Intertek since 2005 and the certificate no. is QS906688 & Q906688

QS906688_ENG_SMA Industries Sdn Bhd Q906688_ENG_SMA Industries Sdn Bhd


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